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Rohit Sharma


About Rohit sharma

Rohit Sharma is fascinated by the opportunities today’s world presents. Think about it, your father in 1980 would give you a proverbial smack in the face if he knew of the seemingly endless career opportunities that are open to the general public thanks to the sonic boom of the digital age. It’s this sentiment, plus Rohit’s love for libertarian philosophy that led him into the world of cryptocurrency.


“It was 2012. No, it was actually back in 2011…”


Rohit sets the stage for the genesis story of his career in cryptocurrency. “A friend of mine kept saying ‘you have to look into bitcoin’ and I didn’t think much of it and just kept doing my thing.” But six months later, after his friend’s insistence that bitcoin could really help revolutionize the way people think about passive income, Rohit decided to check it out. After a bit of research on the subject, he purchased his first mining machine.


“I felt like the federal reserve or something.”


Rohit says with a laugh, “because the thing was printing bitcoin that was worth $300 at the time. In 2012, Rohit sold his law firm, moved to Newport Beach, and started to explore cryptocurrency as a viable means of income. After learning a bit more about mining bitcoin, which essentially involves the computer systems (bitcoin machine) solving a series of equations that earn you “blocks” of bitcoin, Rohit realized that this could revolutionize the way he thought about his day to day. And pretty soon – something that started as interest in something his friend kept telling him to check out – morphed into a full-fledged financial foundation of which Rohit could structure his life around.

“The lifestyle really draws me in.”


Rohit says when asked about one of his favorite parts about being involved in cryptocurrency. “It keeps you away from the 9-5. It means my day is more open and I can spend some time doing some things I’ve always been really interested in but a bit too busy to do.” One of those things he enjoys is history – and he’ll be working to receive a Master’s degree in History from Harvard University.

In his free time, you can catch Rohit Sharma getting some exercise, hanging out on the beach, or spending some time in the crypto-community learning all he can about this new, fascinating, and revolutionizing way of thinking about ‘making a living.”


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