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Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. It is slowly being accepted by many companies, such as Microsoft and Expedia. If you want to get in on the action, you will need to become well versed in cryptocurrency because of the many changes the industry is experiencing, whether you want to become a miner or an investor. The best way to learn about the industry is through cryptocurrency blogs. They are written by experts and offer a variety of topics to help you understand every corner of the cryptocurrency world. Some of the blogs are found on personal websites, while others are found on platforms (e.g. Medium). However, there are numerous blogs and finding the right resource for your needs can be overwhelming. I have compiled a list of the top five blogs to help you stay current on cryptocurrency events. 


  1. Coinbase — This is a great resource because it has the latest news from around the globe on selling, buying and using cryptocurrency on Coinbase’s platform. The blog covers the latest in engineering, products, custody and institutional, trading and more. It also offers interviews, videos, and reports. The authors are experts in the crypto space, including Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Coinbase. 
  2. The CryptoStache — The vibe for this blog is more relaxed as it covers stories that are geared to disrupt the crypto world. It focuses on helping people become more knowledgeable in cryptocurrency through learning resources, personal consults, monthly meetups, podcasts and more. You’ll also find apps and websites that will help you achieve success in cryptocurrency trading. 
  3. Miguel Cuneta — If you are interested in the future trends of cryptocurrency and blockchains, this blog is for you. Cuneta is certainly an expert on these topics since he built a blockchain ecosystem in the Philippines. The blogs are found on Medium, where you can follow him to receive his latest blog. 
  4. Kraken — Created by the Winklevoss twins (co-founders of Facebook), Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet that is poised to take on a bigger part of the market very soon. It’s a great blog to help you understand these topics. However, it does focus more on Kraken than the cryptocurrency market in general like the blogs above. 
  5. Cryptomining Blog — When it comes to mining, this blog offers a great deal of information on the subject. Crypto miners will enjoy updates on mining BTC, LTC, ETH, and ZEC as well as on hardware and software. You’ll also find crypto topics, including ICOs, news, and coins, as well as links to other valuable topics (e.g. Crypto Trading Bots).