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Cryptocurrency has been a big deal for the past five years or so. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies aren’t just alternative ways to pay for goods and services. These can also be great investments. Cryptocurrencies exist in the virtual world, and to access and store them, most people rely on specialty applications.


There are several different kinds of the cryptocurrency app. Exchanges are where people buy and sell cryptocurrencies. These are the most popular types of app. Coinbase is one of the oldest and most widely used exchange apps. It allows people to trade standard currency for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. This is a simple exchange app, great for beginning traders.


Other great exchange apps for crypto enthusiasts include Gemini and Voyager. Gemini has the best security of any exchange. It’s also a regulated space, and it’s user-friendly enough that beginners can use it. Voyager is a great choice for traders who use iPhones. However, it’s designed for more experienced cryptocurrency traders. All of these apps are free to download. Some even offer users Bitcoin credits. Though the apps themselves are free, many transactions carry fees.


Another type of cryptocurrency app is the wallet. A wallet isn’t a place to trade cryptocurrency. The focus of a wallet is secure storage. Breadwallet is one of the best options. This app is optimized for iPhone users. With Breadwallet, they’re able to send and receive cryptocurrency, but not trade it on the open market. The downside is that Breadwallet is based on open-source software and lacks some of the more highly developed security features.


There are also crypto apps that are devoted to tracking. These apps provide information about price movements in the cryptocurrency market. Apps like Blackfolio have great tracking information. Though Blackfolio is exclusively a tracking app, it’s designed to integrate with wallet and trading applications. Blackfolio is optimized for use with Android phones. A similar app designed for iPhones is known as Delta. Both of these apps are free to download.


Lastly, some apps are simply devoted to news about crypto. CoinTelegraph keeps its users up to date on all the latest news about cryptocurrency. These apps can include not just price highs and lows, but also regulatory news. Any serious cryptocurrency trader will get a lot from this app. With cryptocurrency use on the rise, it is best to become familiar with the cryptocurrency apps and to use them wisely.