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Cryptocurrency continues to shake up the financial, security, and tech worlds as a disruptor of global commerce. Buying and selling with cryptocurrency continues to get easier, but there are a lot of tools to choose from.


With so many features available, having a filter with the best apps on the market can help you get used to faster crypto systems and money management concepts. Here are some of the top cryptocurrency apps to give you an edge on buying, selling, trading, speculation, and many more parts of digital money.




Jaxx gives you a crypto wallet with private keys. It’s compatible with over 80 different crypto systems, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash, and of course BitCoin. You can manage funds across different currencies at the same time, making it easier for you to experiment with crypto payments or make a leap to the newest coins on the market.




Mycelium is a mobile Bitcoin wallet. It’s a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) that uses a master seed that acts as the basis for all future bitcoin addresses. There is a Watch Only feature that allows currency to be frozen–unable to be spent. The account can watch for outputs, but will not spend. The wallet also allows offline hardware device accounts for users who need to maintain a truly firewalled account.



TabTrader is an app that makes sending and receiving cryptocurrency easier. The app includes an orders page that shows buying and selling requests, a trades page that shows your past orders, and a comparison option called Pairs.


If you’re interested in viewing new or unlisted exchanges beyond the app’s default list, you can add custom exchanges by using the exchange API and its secret key. TabTrader also has built-in analysis tools, allowing you to design charts, mark trends, and view technical indicators without needing deep app knowledge.




Cobinhood is a cryptocurrency exchange that has its own app. The app functions as an official mobile version of the Cobinhood website, with its iOS and Android releases streamlining the mobile experience. While the mobile version of the site is still useful, apps allow more fine-tuned control over how the content is displayed as opposed to being at the mercy of browser developers.


Cobinhood features fiat to crypto trading, world-class security, margin trading, and ICO services.


If you’re interested in making your mobile cryptocurrency management more efficient, any of these apps will be a great addition to your toolset. Contact a cryptocurrency expert to talk about your investment and management potential.